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Mission Statement
To glorify God and assist the up-building of the church by providing education from an evangelical Bible-based view in ways that promote spiritual growth, enhanced biblical insight, and Christian service.

Abundant Harvest Bible Institute proposes to equip students with sound doctrine through intensive classroom study, while at the same time building the discipline, vision, and godly character needed by the 21st Century servant-leaders.

Race, class, gender, age, and nationality offer no barrier. Further, students from various Christian denominations may enjoy academic freedom and increased Christian fellowship.

Be it understood that ministry is more walked than taught. Therefore, Abundant Harvest Bible Institute endeavors to integrate its academic programs with practical utilization both in the church and in the community.

• To enable graduates to communicate the Gospel in ways that will win others to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

• To empower graduates to expound the Scriptures in a systematic, yet revelatory fashion.

• To instill in our graduates a genuine concern for missionary efforts around the world, whether as a missionary, sponsor, or prayer partner.

• To stimulate Christian maturity in our graduates that expresses itself in commitment to Christ, to His church, to His under-shepherds, and to His commandments.

• To enable our graduates to present a reasoned defense of his/her faith, which is based on biblical revelation, and stands intellectually and conceptually strong.

• To equip graduates with the means to acquire knowledge, including the discovery of resources, and their utilization and evaluation.

• To enable graduates to demonstrate how to apply knowledge that has been acquired. The application of knowledge includes demonstration of its relevance through written and/or oral activity.

• To increase our graduates’ ability to communicate. Good communication includes perceptivity and sensitivity in grammar, adaptability to audiences, and flexibility in style.

• To prepare our graduates for a lifelong commitment to humility in Christian service, understanding that obedience and cooperation are paramount to unfeigned growth in ministry.

• To unleash destiny in the life of every graduate that he/she might live a fulfilled and victorious Christian life.