The purpose of our Mentorship Ministries is to provide activities and outlets for young people to connect with role models who will be godly examples to them in their Christian walk. We have mentorship programs for both young females – Becoming a Young Lady of Excellence – and males – Rite of Passage.

Becoming a Young Lady of Excellence


The Becoming a Young Lady of Excellence (BYLE) is a female ministry designed to nurture and mold pre-adolescent and adolescent girls from the ages of 7 to 18 years. The ministry operates from September to June with open registration beginning in September and January. All classes meet every 2nd and 4th Friday evening from 7-9 p.m.

BYLE is a unique program that provides biblical and practical instruction to young ladies in critical areas such as character development, spiritual maturation, building self-esteem, identity, life skills, health, and beauty. Our engaging and empowering workshops, mini-conferences, and trips provide an exciting and life-changing experience for our young women. Each participant of BYLE is paired with a personal mentor who is responsible for providing them with comfort, encouragement, and guidance as they enter into womanhood.
Ministry Divisions


• Priscilla’s Pearls – Priscilla’s Pearls (ages 7-12) focuses on encouraging pre-teens to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality. Age-appropriate Bible-based classes emphasize Christian principles such as godly character and self-esteem, while promoting positive interaction with others. Young girls are exposed to exciting enrichment activities, trips, and plays. They also learn to sew, create beautiful arts and crafts, and receive culinary arts training.

• Girl Scouts – Our Christian Girl Scouts group (ages 6-11) is a division of Priscilla’s Pearls. We encourage young girls to develop Christian values, maximize individual potential, and contribute to the betterment of their community.


• Daughters of Promise – This phase of our program addresses the complex needs of young women ages 13-18. Each participant receives biblical instruction and engages in group discussions on critical topics such as self-esteem, identity, dating and relationships, peer pressure, identifying past and present hurts, prayer, faith, salvation, daily devotion, and spiritual gifting. In addition, young women receive personal developmental instruction regarding health, hygiene, hair and skin care, and life skills.

• Mentorship – The mentorship component is the key to the BYLE ministry. The primary purpose of mentoring is to foster spiritual growth through providing role models, spiritual guidance, and support. Mentors are available to teach and work in groups for both the pre-teen and teen ministries. They lead participants through stimulating and relevant group discussions, while also instructing the young women regarding enrichment and life skill activities.

• CAPS Program – CAPS stand for Community service, Academic achievement, Personal development, and Spiritual growth. Each young woman who is enrolled in the BYLE ministry participates in the CAPS program and is encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We stress the importance of good citizenship by urging all participants to become active volunteers in monthly community service projects. Furthermore, we reward and celebrate those who excel and thrive academically. At the completion of the program, BYLE hosts a great celebration in honor of the young women who have achieved all of the major capstones.

Rite of Passage


Rite of Passage is a male mentorship program that provides a nurturing environment for young men. We model and teach strong Christian character, integrity, leadership, and stewardship to young men beginning at age six. In a safe environment without pressure from peers, young men can confide in and receive counsel from their caring Christian mentors.

We provide an exciting curriculum, age-specific groups, and individualized guidance throughout our program. As a result, young men find themselves accomplishing with pride many things they never thought they were capable of doing. Participants are motivated to excel in every aspect of their lives – spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially.

We ensure that all parents are given regular updates on progress so they might enjoy the positive experience of participating in their child’s development and personal growth. Rite of Passage also sponsors exciting family events such as whitewater rafting, camping, PlayStation tournaments, and more. We host our very own chapter of Boy Scouts, and each year, a new class of young men graduates from our program having grown by leaps and bounds. We invite you to join us!

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