As another powerfully anointed part of our Worship Ministry, our choirs are made up of men and women who have a heart for singing and also leading people into the presence of God. We currently have five choirs who serve the congregation…

• The Sanctuary Choir – A ministry that specializes in the more traditional and seasoned selections of music. Appealing to those individuals that appreciate a more “Gospel Choir” sound. This choir is primarily made up of the senior minstrels.

• The Voices of Praise – The largest choir at Bethany. Affectionately called “The Voices.” Specializing in a wide range of styles and genres. From praise and worship to contemporary, The Voices most resemble that of the traditional church choir.

• The Ensemble Choir – The choir that explores music ministry with a group sound. The harmonies, song selection, personality, and sound is much like that of an ensemble.

• The Disciples for Christ – The Disciples for Christ (DFC) choir is much like a community choir. The excitement level, choreography, and overall presentation appeals to both the old and young alike. DFC is a high-energy choir that is aggressive in its ministry presentation.

• Abundant Harvest Choir: Sanctuary, Voices, Ensemble, and DFC– When all these choirs come together, the Abundant Harvest Choir is formed. In order to participate in any of the other singing aggregations, members are required to be a part of the whole. The sound of Abundant Harvest is that of a mass choir, specializing in bringing together all genres of music by pulling from the sound, personality, music styles, and strengths of each organization. Abundant Harvest choir consists of up to 350 singers all giving God the glory and praise on one accord.

Our choirs are open for membership for anyone who wishes to join. After completing the new members class, you may join any one of the four choirs. All new choir members will then complete a 90-day probationary period prior to singing with their selected choir. During probation, new members are required to attend all rehearsals to familiarize themselves with the material.

We welcome you to learn more about our Choirs. Please contact us at  or 856.784.2220 x202.

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