Feeding Programs

Bethany Baptist Church has several programs that serve the needs of the church’s congregation and the community at large in diverse and meaningful ways. We have three primary programs that are implemented by the Outreach Department of Bethany Baptist that provide food and clothing on a monthly basis:

Angel Food
The Angel Food Ministry of Bethany Baptist Church distributes boxes of name-brand groceries and frozen meats at a significantly discounted price of $30.00. The approximate value of these boxes is $65.00 to $75.00. During the month of September 2005, there were 1,500 food orders for Angel Food boxes. More than 1,000 of these boxes were sent to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Angel Food operates on the last Saturday of each month from 8:00 am - 10:00 am. Meat specials are also available at a fraction of the cost that would be paid in a supermarket (for example, 4-lb. boxes of New York strip steaks for $18.00).

Food Bank
The Food Bank Ministry of Bethany Baptist Church distributes bags of USDA foods combined with name-brand food items to individuals and families on the second, third, and fourth Fridays of each month. The Food Bank serves approximately 120 to 150 individuals or families on any given Friday. This ministry places an emphasis on providing these food packages to senior citizens, low-income families, the unemployed, individuals in social welfare programs, and handicapped and/or disabled persons. Periodically, foods are donated to this program by local supermarkets.

For more information on Angel Food and Food Bank, please contact Deacon Roy Trader at  or 856.782.6758.

Hot Meals and Clothing Give-Away
Bethany Baptist Church serves hot meals during their monthly Outreach events within the cities of Camden, New Jersey, and Lindenwold, New Jersey. In addition to serving Hot Meals in various communities within these Cities, the Ministry also conducts a Clothing Give-Away during these Events that provides clothing to Men, Women, and Children. The Goal of this Outreach Initiative is to provide multiple Hot Meals and Clothing Give-Away activities simultaneously in multiple neighborhood or Cities.

To find out more about our Feeding Programs, please contact us at  or 856.782.6758.

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