The Bethany Christian Business and Professionals Association (BCBPA) is dedicated to establishing a uniform standard of business practice that is accountable to consumers. This standard will bring businesses to a higher level of excellence in service.

The BCBPA accomplishes our ministerial objective through training, continuing education, and business certification available to our members. We are dedicated to helping our member businesses and professionals grow by acting as both a learning institution and a business resource for Bethany Baptist Church members and members in the Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches.

The BCBPA is made up of Christian business owners and professionals who have agreed to conduct their businesses and professions based on biblical principles and acceptable Christian business practices …

• To furnish quality workmanship at a fair price

• To present products and services that will be a complete value to clients or customers

• Advocate, empower, and forge a solid connection between BCBPA members, Bethany Baptist members, and other end users of each of their products or services

• To create a greater public awareness of the scope of services each company provides

• Increase spiritual and economic opportunities for BCBPA members

• Create capital formation, capital based commerce, and economic development

• Build collaborations with funding sources to increase member’s opportunities to access capital

• Publish a printed and online directory for Bethany Baptist members and others to access BCBPA members’ services and products

• Create a BCBPA members Web site for members-only with access to forums and other business services

• Provide consistent networking and matchmaking opportunities

• Provide training to start-up businesses and advance skills of existing business members

If you would like more information or if you would like to apply to join BCBPA, please visit www.go2bethanybusiness.com, or contact Elder Samuel Paraham at  or 856.784.2220 x105.

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