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The growth and development here at the Abundant Harvest Bible Institute has been phenomenal! With nearly 250 students representing churches from throughout the Delaware Valley area, we are excited about the great move of God that is happening in our classrooms.

Offering the best in Bible training and ministry instruction, our mission is to equip the people of God to function effectively in the vocation wherein they have been called. Whether you are a minister, teacher, missionary, evangelist, deacon, administrator, intercessor, lay leader, or musician matters not. All can find a place here at the Abundant Harvest Bible Institute! And when you do, you can rest assured that you will receive the sound doctrine, theological training, revelation knowledge, and practical tools needed to fulfill life and ministry in a spirit of excellence.

Our classes here are anointed and our instructors are Spirit-filled. Yes, the courses are academically and, often times, spiritually challenging, but given the right amount of commitment, attentiveness, and effort from you, we are convinced that they will prove to be some of the most valuable teaching you will ever receive.

You will also find that we are currently accepting and registering new students into our programs. Admission into our programs is, indeed, competitive, and a placement exam is required. But once you are in, the benefits of enrollment are sure to make a divine difference in your life and ministry. It is our prayer that the information we have provided on this site will answer all of the questions you have about the Abundant Harvest Bible Institute. If further questions or concerns arise, however, please feel free to Contact Us.

We will embrace every opportunity to serve you!


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