Student Information


Prospective students must possess the following:
• A confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
• A letter of recommendation and approval from your pastor
• A letter of recommendation from the leader of a ministry in which you have served
• A letter of recommendation from a personal friend or colleague

Students must fulfill all aspects of the program for successful completion:
• Classroom attendance
• Homework assignments
• In-class quizzes
• Section examinations
• Assigned clinics, intensives, seminars, and study groups
• Ministry participation and internship
• Character development

General Policies and Regulations
Classroom Guidelines
It is vital that the atmosphere in the classroom be conducive to learning, growth, and development in God’s Word. The Holy Spirit must be given freedom to move in the lives of all students without distractions. Therefore, please refrain from the following during class times:

• Excessive talking and chatter
• Unnecessary movement
• Rude or disturbing habits
• Eating in class
(Tape Recorders – Allowed per the approval of the instructor.)

Attendance Policy and Procedure
Student Sign-In
Students are required to sign in at the beginning of each class session. Students who do not sign in will be considered absent from class.

Class Absences
Any student who will be unable to attend a class, meeting, or clinic must notify the instructor prior to the expected absence to make arrangements to receive all necessary information.

An absence will be excused for the following reasons:
• Work-related
• Injury or illness
• Family crisis

Three unexcused absences will result in an assigned grade of FAILING for that particular section.

Students are expected to arrive to class on time. A two-point penalty will be assessed against a student’s section grade for each class period that the student is more than 30 minutes late.

Academic Policy and Procedure
Graduation Requirements
• 60-65 hours of intensive classroom study
• Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or “C”
• Satisfactory attendance
• Successful completion of all required courses and practicum
• Tuition and fees paid in full

Homework Assignments
Students are expected to complete all homework assignments to be submitted at their assigned due date. Any student with an excused absence from the class in which the homework was assigned has seven days to submit it. Failing to submit homework by the due date/deadline will result in an assigned grade of “0.”

All quizzes will be done in class unless otherwise specified. Any student with an excused absence from the class in which the quiz was given will receive a make-up quiz to be completed within 10 days. Failing to take the quiz prior to the deadline will result in an assigned grade of “0.”

All examinations will be done in-class. Any student with an excused absence from the class in which the examination was given will receive a make-up exam to be completed within seven days. Failing to take the exam prior to the deadline will result in an assigned grade of “0.”

Except in cases of extreme illness, injury, or emergency where a doctors or supervisors note, or an obituary is attached, all make-up examinations will be assessed a $10 fee.

Grading Scale for Excellence:
A 100-94 Excellent 4.0-3.4
B 93-87 Good 3.3-2.7
C 86-80 Average 2.6-2.0
D 79-73 Poor 1.9-1.3
F 72-0 Failing 1.2-0.0

Grading Codes:
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
P Pass
F Fail
I Incomplete
W Withdrawal
WF Withdrawal Fail

Issues Relating to Your Student Account
As questions arise with regard to your student account, program and curriculum, or finances, or for advice on tutoring and personal development, please feel free to make an appointment with an Academic Counselor. They are fully trained to provide you with all of the information, resources, and guidance you may need.

Course Evaluation Guidelines
Character Assessment
Students are expected to exemplify the highest standard of Christian behavior. This includes the demonstration of godly respect and consideration to the pastors, teachers, and administrative personnel. Keep in mind, only those who know how to submit to authority will know how to be in authority.

Final Grading Reports
Final Grading Reports will be mailed to the student within two weeks of the Final Examination. Any student with a grade average of “D” will be placed on academic probation. Any student with a grade average of “F” will be placed on academic suspension.

Academic Probation
Students on academic probation have one semester to pull their grade average up to a “C” or better. Failing to do so will result in academic suspension.

Academic Suspension
Students on academic suspension may reapply for admission into the college no sooner than six months subsequent to their release. Acceptance is contingent upon the fulfillment of requirements to be announced.

Student Dismissal
Students who are dismissed from continuing in classes for academic, disciplinary, or financial reasons will not be allowed to enroll in future training courses without written permission from the Bible college director. Students who are dismissed for these reasons are not entitled to a tuition refund. Students who are dismissed for financial reasons must have paid all past-due tuition before being permitted to register for future courses.

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