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Bishop David G. Evans

In October 2008, Evans stepped back into the role of recording artist as he released his church’s second CD project, Bishop David G. Evans Presents Automatic Praise! Live. Leading off with the lead single “Let Go”, and its remix, Bishop David G. Evans Presents Automatic Praise! Live is a mixture of traditional and contemporary gospel along with a taste of Christian Contemporary Music with the addition of Sam Towns, a worship leader from Australia. Earnest Pugh leads a riveting rendition of Keith Pringle’s classic, “Perfect Peace (Why Should I Be Bound)”. Lonnie Hunter, Minister of Music under Evans, plays a prominent role as he sings VaShawn Mitchell’s composition “Dreams” and his own creation, the funky “Do Something”. It’s just an extension of the powerful gifting on the life of Evans.

Bishop David G. Evans is passionate about serving Christ and leading others to Him. He’s also passionate about God’s people no longer walking in brokenness. “I realized that one of the biggest tricks of the enemy is telling people is that they can manage success fully while being horribly fractured,” says Evans. “God wants us whole. Whole people manage promise better than fractured people.” Through his preaching, writing and music, this anointed and gifted teacher, preacher, and leader, seeks to make all God’s people whole and healed.